Managing Staff-plus engineers.

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在获得反馈的同时StaffEng, one request was for more content on managing Staff-plus engineers. It doesn’t quite fit the theme–that effort is focused on the Staff Engineer themselves rather the company or the manager–but it’s an interesting topic and a worthy appendix.

当然,并不是所有的方面管理Staff-plusfolks are unique to the level: there are fundamentals that apply to managing anyone in any role, like在1岁上做有效1要么提供反馈。For that sort of thing, read Lara Hogan’sResilient Management或Camille Fournier's经理的道路, what I wanted to get into here is how managing something at the Staff-plus level differs from managing, say, a Senior engineer.

这些角色在公司跨越管理员工 - 加工程师的某些方面取决于Staff archetypes贵公司强调和您的员工 - 加工程师应该适合工程组织, but there are some approaches that will be helpful for you across most configurations.

  • 赞助和支持超过您的直接。如果您正在向您的员工工程师提供日常方向,您将在错误的角色中使用它们。如果你没有给他们每周反馈,你就会推迟他们的增长。如果您没有向他们的举措借给您的赞助,那么您将培养出他们的主动权。
  • 帮助他们重新缠绕他们的成功定义。Working in a high-performing product engineering team is a flywheel of positive feedback. Your product manager appreciate your work. Your engineering manager is engaging the team. Your peers enjoy working together. Your users love your product. Your business loves the adoption. Conversely the Staff engineer’s flywheel of feedback is a lot less immediate. You spend more time working through conflict, you work on longer time horizons, you’re representing important priorities that require deprioritizing some business or product goals. Many folks don’t address this shift and wake up a year later hating their new role, and as their manager you can help them recognize this shift and find compensating strategies保持活力
  • 给予反馈。One particularly important strategy for rewriting their definition of success—and to keep them growing—is to give frequent feedback. If they’ve picked the wrong battle, tell them, and tell them为什么。如果他们正在优先考虑工作,你就不会告诉他们并告诉他们为什么。对于高表演者而言,没有什么比不知道他们是如何做的更多东西!如果您没有提供反馈,尤其是关于他们最好的工作,他们将继续改变他们的方法,直到您提供反馈(经常到您的遗憾)。
  • Keep them informed。作为经理,它很容易忘记更多地访问您的信息。现实是,大多数组织建立他们的信息,以传播给其他管理者的关键信息传达管理者。如果您没有找到分享您的上下文的刻意,可重复的流程,您的员工 - 加上的工程师将会受到Hamstrung。一些人在他们的1:1的开始时这样做,它可以正常工作,但我更喜欢将它们丢弃到团队的聊天频道,因为它们发生并将它们汇总到我的身上每周电子邮件更新
  • Involve them in planning and prioritization.Many engineers get frustrated that “the right work never gets prioritized”, and one of the best solutions to this is to proactively involve more engineers in the planning process. This works on two fronts. First, they understand more of the competing work and why that work is important, and second they’ll be present to advocate more effectively for the sorts of technical work they see missing.
  • 达成如何在独立行动时保持一致。As you push Staff-plus engineers you support towards leadership, they’re going to start leading more, which will sometimes include surprising you. If leaders you work with决不surprise you, then you’re not delegating enough, but if they frequently surprising you, it may be helpful toexplicitly establish your controls
  • Create space for them to think without detaching them from the day-to-day realities of the organization.这些角色中的许多人都受到影响的激励和“为业务做正确的事情”,他们不会在没有外部干预的情况下自我磨砺。如果你是他们的经理,那么“外部干预”意味着你。如果你看到他们花太多时间消防并帮助解除彻底的工作,与他们一起工作以保护更多时间以保护更多的深思熟虑工作。相反,如果你看到他们只做深刻的思维工作,他们可能会失去背景,并且可能是他们的同行和业务的尊重,如果他们不调整这种混合物。
  • 提醒他们他们是一个榜样。Much like they do for managers, engineers in an organization watch Staf-plus engineers to learn which behavior and actions are rewarded (and tolerated). This is a great responsibility, but also a huge opportunity for impact: by living positive values, they have the opportunity to create a positive organization around them.
  • Minimize manager overflow.In the quest for效率超过有效性,许多公司以惊人的协调和官僚机构陷阱。当你溺水的时候,你会在任何地方寻找帮助,并且在许多情况下导致经理将管理工作卸载到员工工程师。这绝对会发生有时 - 你与工作人员的关系 - 你管理的工程师是一个伙伴关系 - 但很难尽量减少金额,并确保它是临时溢出而不是永久性的金额。
  • Give them unrefined problems.这是一个高级角色,你应该给他们一个问题空间,它们缩小到更具体的问题和解决方案。他们有比你所做的更好的技术背景,如果你太准确地指出了你认为问题的问题,你不会从他们的判断中受益。精确选择的正确问题至少会影响到精确的解决方案,并且只有在您创建空间时才可能。
  • Cede space to their leadership.When you’re managing a Staff-plus engineer, find ways to move pieces of your ownership explicitly into their realm of responsibility. For example, how can you enable them to hold their team responsible for technical quality, rather than you doing it? This creates leverage for both of you, and a sense of ownership for the Staff-plus engineer.
  • Appreciate them.伟大的员工 - 加工程师独立运作,因此当组织着火时,可以轻松地使他们脱颖而出。忽略你最重要的人是“快餐”的经理版本- 感觉重要但通常不是正确的优先事项。所以保持你的1:1,一般记得为他们出现,特别是如果他们不是那种需要它的人。
  • Build, and insist upon, alignment with the business.Some engineers succeed despite harboring a mentality that technical work is more important than the business requiring that work. This mentality is generally toxic, but it exceptionally toxic when held by a Staff-plus engineer. This is someone who is a role model for the wider organization, and stretching them beyond that perspective is essential for them to remain in a leadership role. Companies undermine and eventually eject leaders who are misaligned with the business.
  • Hold them responsible to the full role.While few folks reach Staff-plus roles with major technical weaknesses, it’s my lived experience is that many folks reach these roles hampered by significant leadership or behaviorial challenges. These folks get the title, but tend to linger in Staff purgatory where they’re expected to lead, but are kept away from most leadership opportunities. They’re viewed as too unreliable or “expensive to involve.” You’ve gotta give these folks feedback on their gaps and hold them accountable to the full role expectations. Don’t let them linger as quasi-leaders indefinitely. Maybe they initially got the role via标题通货膨胀so you decide to just cover for their gaps instead of fixing it–don’t do that, instead figure out a plan to support themwhile shifting that responsibility to them
  • 给他们访问到房间,但不要把它当作a status symbol.人们经常在状态符号上进行固定,一个特别常见的工程师专注于“being in the room。” Sometimes meetingsarewhere the work happens, but most routine reporting meetings have too many people in them, and you can create a great deal of time and space for both you and the Staff-plus engineer you’re supporting by sharding attendance across various meetings rather than doubling up for all of them.

从高级到员工的过渡到工作人员 - 加上工程师是改变所做的工作的主要一个,而以前的过渡通常只是改变工作的程度。许多人与转型斗争,许多经理不确定如何帮助支持他们与之合作的工作人员。当然,这是一个不完整的有用的东西列表,你可以为支持它们,但希望这是一个有用的起点。