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经过一点的领先,深深地兴奋了Staff Engineer: Leadership beyond the management track书is done. As of today you can buy the digital version onGumroad, as well as the digital and paperback versions onAmazonThis project overlapped with a new job (at Calm), our first child (now eight months), and a global pandemic. In some ways, I'm surprised it got finished, but in another sense it was nourishment during a difficult year, and I'm so grateful the project has come together.

这么多人扮演了一个手,让这个项目发生。坦塔赖利写了完美的前言。人们愿意分享他们在工作人员和角色的劳动和运营的惊人故事:米歇尔,Kasa,Keavy,,Katie,Ritu,r,Nelson,戴安娜,Dan,Joy,Damian,德米特里, and斯蒂芬. Some of my favorite stories didn't make the book, and I'm grateful to each individualwho shared their story on

The lack of clarity and guidance for those in Staff-plus roles is a scourge that impacts many folks in their career, and I hope this book can be one small stepping-stone out of that pit.

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Staff Engineerhas been on these podcasts so far:Software Engineering Daily,Career Chats.


一些早期的评论,你可以read more on Gumroad:

"Becoming a Staff engineer is both a promotion and a job change; many immensely talented engineers pursue the first and arrive unprepared for the latter. Will Larson's Staff Engineer is a wide ranging and thought provoking overview of the many dimensions of the role. As a software engineer at any level, this book will challenge you to become better and should be required reading if you're pursuing a Staff engineer role."

Amy Unger,员工工程师@ github

"It is not easy to find many resources on the staff engineer role which is still massively misunderstood due to wildly varying definitions and assumptions. This book lays out some of the differing role definitions and then brings them to life with real case studies making it easy to map the archetypes to your own circumstances, passions and ambitions. This should be a go to resource for anyone thinking of pursuing the IC path or that has already moved into a senior IC role."

Nicky Wrightson, Principal Engineer @ Skyscanner and formerly Principal Engineer @ The Financial Times

"Will Larson's "An Elegant Puzzle" has earned its spot on my recommended reading list and is the manual I wish I had during my early years as an engineering manager. "Staff Engineer" is poised to join it and is the manual I need NOW to support my engineers in their continued growth. From the various staff engineer profiles to the analysis of staff engineer archetypes and the focus on working on things that matter "Staff Engineer" is a must-read for engineers and engineering leaders alike."

Kevin Stewart, VP Engineering @ Harvest


There is a morecomprehensive FAQ at, and I've pulled a few of the most common here for convenience.

将要I like this book?

I think you will, yes! Best bet is to read a few of the stories and guides to get a feel for it. I'd recommend米歇尔贝,ras kasa威廉姆斯,Staff archetypes, andWork on what matters.

Is there an audiobook coming? What about hardcover?

My plan is to create an audiobook, but I do not have a timeline established. I do not currently have a plan to print a hardcover.

将要this be sold at [some place it isn't sold in now]?

The digital version is available from bothGumroadAmazon. The paperback is only available fromAmazon,因为亚马逊是printerin addition to the marketplace.

There are no plans to make either version available in other venues at this time.

Are you creating a Slack or Discord for Staff engineer?

I wrote a bit about this inWhy not create a StaffEng Slack or Discord?.

Is it DRM-free?

Yup, absolutely. All formats are DRM free, and the Kindle version has lending enabled.


All profits from this project will be donated to non-profit organizations that work to increase access for underrepresented communities in technology. They will be paid out quarterly for the first year, and annually afterwards.

Do you have a bunch of random links aboutStaff Engineer?

Oh yes, absolutely.