DjangoDash and Drinkfindr

September 4, 2010.Filed underdjango72

Luke and I competed in DjangoDash a few weeks ago, and hey, we actually finished a site.

Retiring and Releasing

February 20, 2010.Filed underdjango72

It's been pretty obvious I wouldn't be working on Codernote again or even using it again, so I figured it was time to stop hosting it and release the code.

What Do Django People Search About?

June 17, 2009.Filed underdjango72

Link to the search logs for Findjango.Obviously, not really that much data, but something.

Findjango, A Week of Progress

March 16, 2009.Filed underdjango72findjango3

Here is an overview of the visible and not-quite-so-visible changes to Findjango over its first week.As always I'm excited for more feedback in the one year plan towards creating a valuable Django search experience.

Making Django Apps Run On and Off GAE

March 10, 2009.Filed underdjango72google-app-engine9

Here are some short snippets which examine how I modified django-springsteen to run on and off the Google App Engine without requiring external dependencies.