Self-publishing Staff Engineer.

February 17, 2021.Filed underbook14staff-eng10

After I published An Elegant Puzzle, I consolidated my notes into 'What I learned writing a book.' That was my first book writing and publishing experience, and I learned a great deal. When I started working on Staff Engineer, I sort of knew what I wanted to do, but because I ended up self-publishing I ended up learning at least as much as with my first book.

Mailbag: Building alignment around a new strategy.

February 16, 2021.Filed understaff-eng10mailbag6

Another great question on Staff Engineer that I recieved recently was about the mechanics of deciding and rolling out new engineering strategies and other controversial documents.

Mailbag: How to encourage good documents rather than perfect documents?

February 15, 2021.Filed understaff-eng10mailbag6

A great question on Staff Engineer that I recieved recently focused on creating a culture of good documents rather than a culture of perfect documents. Here are my quick thoughts.

Staff Engineer.

February 5, 2021.Filed underbook14staff-eng10

After a bit of a lead up, so deeply excited that the "Staff Engineer: Leadership beyond the management track" book is done!

Why not create a StaffEng Slack or Discord?

February 1, 2021.Filed understaff-eng10

I'm in the process of releasing Staff Engineer, and a really great question I've gotten a few times recently has been, "Are you planning to create a Slack or Discord server focused on creating a Staff-plus engineering community?" The answer is no, but the logner answer is more interesting.

Early Edition of "Staff Engineer" coming Jan 31st.

January 1, 2021.Filed underbook14staff-eng10

For much of 2020, I worked on the StaffEng project, collecting stories from folks about their experience reaching a Staff-plus engineering role, and synthesizing those stories with my own experience into a career guide. Behind the scenes, I’ve also been shaping that content in a book. You can now preorder the Early Edition, coming on January 31st, 2021.

StaffEng Updates, June 2020

June 23, 2020.Filed understaff-eng10

I'm on parental leave for four weeks (after which Laurel and I are siwtching off, so I'll be taking more later when she returns to work), and in addition to learning how to change diapers, read hunger and exist in a world of constant sleep deprivation, I also wanted to push forward a couple of lingering projects, one of which was StaffEng

April updates for StaffEng.

April 23, 2020.Filed understaff-eng10

On March 19th, I posted "How do folks reach Staff Engineer?", and began posting stories of folks reaching and operating at the Staff Engineer level every Tuesday and Thursday.

How do folks reach Staff Engineer?

March 19, 2020.Filed understaff-eng10

At most technology companies, you'll reach Senior Software Engineer, the so-called career level, in five to eight years. At that point your path branches, and you have the opportunity to pursue engineering management or continue down the path of technical excellence to become a Staff Engineer.

邮箱:进化你的工程师职业之外的career level.

February 13, 2020.Filed undercareer21staff-eng10mailbag6

Recently I got an email asking about evolving your engineering career after you’ve hit the career level, but before you feel like you’ve accomplished what’s important to you. I wrote up my response here in case others are interested.