Digital gardening at Exuberant Sketches.

February 25, 2021.Filed underwriting33sketches1

Last year I read "Weinberg on Writing," and I’ve been thinking about its ideas a lot since. It focuses on the concept of "The Fieldstone Method" of writing, which I’d summarize as (1) writing things that energize you and (2) approaching writing organically rather than linearly. Lose the excitement for your current project? Work on something else for a while. Find a fantastic idea that doesn’t fit into this article? Add it to a pile of related concepts to come back to later.

How to be a tech influencer.

January 30, 2021.Filed underwriting33career21

In a one-on-one before the holidays, a coworker expressed an interest in being more influential outside of the company and wanted my advice. There’s a similar email I get semi-regularly asking whether folks looking to advance their career should start blogging, write a book, or whatnot. Although few folks meaningfully influence the industry through content creation, a vast number of folks further their careers by creating content. Create a small number of meaningful pieces, develop a distribution plan for each piece, keep doing it until a piece gets lucky with distribution, then stop; that’s all you need to do for job searches and hiring to be a bit easier.

"Good Process is Evolved, Not Designed" in 97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know

December 20, 2019.Filed undermanagement128writing33

Earier in the year, I got the chance to contribute an article to Camille Fournier's latest book, 97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know, and jumped at the change to write something.

"Do engineering managers need to be technical?" in Increment.

November 22, 2019.Filed undermanagement128writing33increment2

The most recent issue of Increment came out, focusing on Teams, and I'm excited to get to cross the chasm and move from playing a small role in the founding of Increment to contributing a piece on whether engineering managers need to be technical.

What I learned writing a book.

June 8, 2019.Filed underwriting33elegant-puzzle9

My favorite story from releasing An Elegant Puzzle is about preorders. After a few days of preorders, Amazon asks you to ship them a certain number of books that they’ll use to fulfill your orders. They originally asked us to ship some number of thousands -- exciting! -- then asked us to double the shipment --more exciting! -- and later asked us to quadruple the shipment -- almost our entire first print run -- concerning.

Elegant Puzzle press, reviews and podcasts.

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这是一个持续的收集各种媒体摇来摇去m the An Elegant Puzzle book release.

An Elegant Puzzle is released today!

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My book, An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management, is available today!

An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Eng Management.

January 22, 2019.Filed undermanagement128writing33elegant-puzzle9

I wrote a book, An Elegant Puzzle, which will be available in late May, 2019. This is something I've been working on over the past year, and which I'm extraordinarily excited to share!

2018 in review.

December 27, 2018.Filed underwriting33blog14

By far the most rewarding thing I did this year was marrying a wonderful person. My sister also married, and my sister-in-law is getting married in the spring of next year. In such a sea of marriages, it feels a bit trite to write a year review on my writing hobby, but what's a hobby good for if not enabling trite behavior?

Quick blogging update for October 2018

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One of my personal goals for the year has been to write more, and this is the sixty-fifth post I've written this year. A quick update on traffic, writing goals and such.